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Apply to Access Transportation

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Access to Jobs (AtJ) is a government program that provides up to six months of free transportation services for current and former TAFDC recipients who are transitioning from public assistance to work. Access to Jobs transportation options include public transportation, car ownership, and gas cards. The goal of Access to Jobs is to make sure that transportation is not a barrier to employment for people with limited incomes.

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) funds Access to Jobs, and a private company, TransAction Associates, manages the program.

Access to Jobs is for:
  • Current TAFDC recipients and
  • Former TAFDC recipients (case closed within the past six months)
  • Who do not have access to other reliable transportation
To be eligible, you must be:

Searching for a job working or taking part in an approved education or job training program.

Access to Jobs will pay for transportation services for up to six months for you to search for a job, commute to/from work, or take part in an approved education/training program. The program will also pay for transportation for child care, if needed.

The type of transportation you will get depends on your situation:

How to apply:

The DTA must request Access to Jobs transportation services for you. If you are a current TAFDC recipient, speak to your case worker. Otherwise, call the DTA at 1-800-249-2007 or visit your local DTA office and ask about the Access to Jobs program.

To apply for Public Transit Commuter Checks or Car Ownership:

Your DTA case worker must complete a Client Verification and Transportation Request Form (CVTR), sign it and fax it to Access for Jobs.

Access to Jobs checks to see if you can get to your job (and child care, if needed) by using public transportation.

If you can use public transportation, Access to Jobs calculates the monthly cost of your trips. You will get Commuter Checks for that amount each month. You can use the Commuter Checks to buy transit passes, tickets, or tokens.

If you cannot use public transportation, you may apply for the Car Ownership Program by completing an Access to Jobs Car Ownership Application and sending it with a copy of your driver's license to Access to Jobs.

If Access to Jobs determines that you are eligible for the Car Ownership Program:
  • Good News Garage or Four Wheels to Work will call you to explain their program.
  • Access to Jobs will work with you to pay for insurance and car ownership fees.
  • Once you have insurance and have completed all the paperwork, you will get your car.
You must fax or send in pay stubs each month to show you are employed.

To apply for Gas Cards:

Your DTA case worker must complete a Client Verification and Transportation Request Form (CVTR), sign it and fax it to Access for Jobs.

Access to Jobs determines if you are eligible for the Gas Card Program.

If you are eligible, Access to Jobs will send your gas card with instructions within 24 hours. They will monitor your use of the card on a daily basis to make sure you are only using it for education/job training and child care transportation expenses.

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