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Transportation Jobs >> Transportation Articles >> Transportation Career Feature >> Finding Company Driver Jobs Where You Live
  • Transportation Career Feature

Finding Company Driver Jobs Where You Live

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While a lot of driver jobs are contracted or self–employed positions which require you to upkeep your own vehicle and cover all running costs, it is still possible to find excellent jobs for truck driver in companies which pay well and offer benefits. The key to obtaining these jobs in trucking is to first, ensure that you qualify for them, and second, to have a focused job search plan which involves both online and offline methods of locating available positions.

Do What Is Necessary

To get an idea of the certifications, licenses, experience, and skills you need to obtain jobs truck driver in companies, it can be helpful to browse job ads and read the job descriptions and selection criteria. You may find you need to add to your skill base or qualifications in order to get through to the interview stage and it is best to find this out before you actually start applying for jobs. In fact, you can go a step further and use the information to give yourself a distinct advantage over most other applicants. Rather than just considering the essential criteria for most jobs, you should also look at the desirable criteria. Ask yourself what you can do to add desired skills, experience, and qualifications to your repertoire.

Transportation Jobs Web Sites

One of the easiest ways to begin your job search for jobs in trucking is to look for specialist transportation jobs Web sites. These Web sites include transportation jobs in general as well as trucking jobs in particular. They operate in different ways. Some simply advertise jobs while others allow you to register and have employers directly contact you from information you post on the site. These sites as a rule offer additional services to help you get the job you want. They provide informative articles to guide you in your job search and sometimes offer job match services in which they let you know when suitable jobs become available. Sometimes they even send your resume and a basic application letter on your behalf.

Generalist Online Job Sites

Large generalist online job sites can also be a great source of jobs for truck drivers in companies. You can search these by category as well as by using specific keywords. You can also include factors such as location and salary in your search. Being able to search for jobs within specific locations makes it much easier to find company driver jobs close to home. These job sites also offer email alerts to inform you when suitable jobs become available in companies. This service can save you a significant amount of time. Instead of trawling through online job ads you simply have to read your emails.

Online Profile

An online profile incorporating your experience, skills, and training can also be an excellent way to get employers coming directly to you. Some specialist employment sites offer drivers the opportunity to set up their own information page effectively to advertise themselves to potential employers. These sites also advertise jobs in trucking and can be an effective way to bring drivers and companies together.

Company Web Sites

Visit company Web sites directly to check for job vacancies. Make a list of companies that have their own trucking fleet and employ their own drivers. You can find this out by asking around, keeping an eye on job ads over time, and using your brains. Consider what sorts of companies need drivers. Large supermarket chains, oil companies, removalists, and freight companies are just a few of the sorts of firms that often have their own drivers. Make a list of the likely ones in your general area and visit their Web sites. Most companies advertise available jobs in trucking on their own Web sites and this gives you an opportunity to check out their requirements for drivers. In many cases, you can also apply online.

Trucking Magazines

Do not forget magazines designed expressly for truckers. Employers know qualified truck drivers read these magazines and will often advertise for employees in them. Who would have thought that reading magazines you enjoy could lead to your next job? Fortunately, it is true. Trucking companies and other firms that hire drivers often advertise to truckers via these specialty magazines.


Many companies still advertise in newspapers, so do not look everywhere else and avoid print media employment ads. Make sure you buy your main regional or city newspaper at least once a week on the day they have the most job ads. Take the time to read through the ads carefully because you never know what job title a company will give a driver, so just looking for ads starting with ‘truck’ or ‘driver’ won’t work.

If you approach your job search strategically, you will be well placed to find and obtain a well-paid company driving job which comes with excellent benefits and a desirable career path. Be willing to stay the course and not to become discouraged if you do not get offered a job in the first week or two. Persistence and patience are two essential elements of your job search which will lead to success. Applying for jobs is largely a numbers game. Be willing to apply for a lot of jobs without actually being offered one. If you are relaxed and accept that every rejection is one step closer to a job offer, you will not give up and in due time you will land your ideal job. Surely, that is worth the effort.

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